I use the following instruments for observation and photography:

Celestron CPC1100 GPS with XLT Coatings


This is an 11" Schmidt Cassegrain Telescope.  It uses a combination of mirrors and an optical corrector to produce its images.  The XLT coatings are very efficient and have a very high light transmission rating.

The optical design of the CPC1100 can be seen below:


This is the telescope in its typical configuration for visual use.

For talking photographs of various deep sky objects (Galaxies, Clusters, Nebulae), I use several methods, most common is the Starizona Hyperstar III below... I also use a  F6.6 focal reducer and a Canon T3 modified for full spectrum use (IR filters removed).

Starizona Hyperstar III

This adapter replaces the secondary mirror assembly and turns the telescope into an F2 imaging system.  Here is the modified light path...


HyperStar Diagram.jpg

Skyshed POD XL3

This is the Observatory that I am using - it is molded in modular sections and the dome can rotate 360 degrees.  I also have the PZT option, which allows for sliding the entire dome back to allow viewing zenith (straight up)..