Beginning work on new music.

I started the recording process last night for a new track... This time around - I'm going to fix some issues I had the last time out - mainly proper drums instead of just a constant loop.  The reason I had avoided this in the past is that drum programming takes time, and I wanted to practice and not spend that valuable time programming drums... well, now I have to take the time and do it right..


So, here is a first track - with chopped up and arranged drums.  I think it does add a lot to the track, and I can see where people were coming from.  It is loops still, but instead of one loop, it is several, chopped and spliced... and then I added individual cymbal / bass drum hits in appropriate places.  No name for the track yet - its just a rhythm that I tend to play quite often when I practice and am warming up.  No lead yet as the ones I have recorded are not good enough to post.... but that will be coming in the near future.

Here is the Bed track with drums and rhythm guitar.