I (Chris), found an AMAZING deal on eBay yesterday.... In the past, I used a DrumKAT dk10 as a midi controller for my drum production, but did not like the fact that the trigger inputs were not flexible enough... I would have had to upgrade to a full DrumKAT 3.8 to get the addition flexibility I needed... And that would have cost about $900. So I sold the unit and have been using loops the last three years.

Well, I found TWO DrumKAT units in the same ad, a DrumKAT EZ, and a 2.5... Both needed new sensors, and were being sold for $125 for the lot. Well, the EZ is a step up from my old Dk10, but still not what I wanted... BUT the 2.5 IS easily upgradeable to a 3.8 with a simple chip replacement.

So, for the cost of two new sensor array's ($300), plus a chip upgrade for the 2.5 unit ($100), I can have the unit I want, plus an additional unit to daisy chain in for 10 extra inputs!

Essentially, I'm getting over $2000 in midi controllers for $525. Awesome!