Site Transition -

Well.... so you may have noticed the complete revamp of the site.  I suppose a littel explanation is in order.

Let see - First of all - Squarespace released V6 recently - which made me start thinking about a revamp of the site.  Second - I'm not much of a blogger, but I am quite active in my hobbies - and recently - very active in astronomy with a deep interest in Solar Astronomy.

So - since there aren't *that* many dedicated Solar sites, and since there are probably only 4-5 people who actually read this page, I decided to take some creative license and indulge my hobby.

Heliofocal is born.  

I *wanted* heliocentric... but that was taken.  Heliofocal may actually be better though.  I think it better serves my purpose here - Focus on the study of our Star.  

So, why now, why change from nighttime astronomy to daytime.  Why the expense of a solar telescope and a complete revamp of the site?  Simple - SLEEP!!!  I simply cannot spend very much time observing at night.  I do intent to still practice more traditional astronomy, but my "Focus" will be on Solar observing.  

The other reason?  Well, it hit me about a month ago - I'm so busy looking at stars which are millions of miles away and only show up as pinpoints in the night sky... but we HAVE our VERY OWN star, right here in our back yard!!  Then I saw the images by Harald Paleske - which you find in the heliofocal gallery, which are just stunning.  Its like you are walking along the surface of the sun looking down at the roiling atmosphere below you.

So - Have a look around - the old stuff is still here - moved to the "Escher's Happenings" blog.  But the new stuff should really get your attention.  Have fun and drop me a line if you like it.

- Chris