Our Star


Above is the current image of the Sun from the SOHO (Solar and Helipospheric Observatory) EIT 171 instrument.  Details about this instrument below:

"Full-disk image of the Sun at 171 Å (17.1 nm) wavelength from the Extreme ultraviolet ImagingTelescope (EIT) on the SOHO spacecraft. The 171 Å line indicates Fe IX/X and shows the coronal layers of the Sun at about 1.3 million K temperature."

I had the opportunity to use a solar telescope last week when I visited another amateur astronomer, it was an amazing experience.   It kindled an interest I have never had before in our Sun...


The image I saw was a Hydrogen Alpha wavelength image - not like the one above - it was similar to this:


I am seriously thinking about selling some guitar gear to get a dedicated solar telescope - it is an amazing thing to study a star up close.  amazing.


Here is a link to the SOHO site - where you can view the current state of teh Sun in various wavelengths of light, infrared and magnetic spectra: