Been trying to get out - but its darn cold!

I haven't been much of an astronomer in the last several months... I took a three month self imposed break as I was burning out on AP (astro-photography)... but now that I want to jump back in, its either 1) cloudy 2) snowing 3) raining or 4) $#%* COLD!!!


I promise I'm not giving up, but it may be a little bit until I get the nerve up to brave these temps... possibly tonight if its clear...

Did I ever mention that I'm very fickle?

Well, I am.... I change equipment like the wind at times... Sold the Hyperstar - and the Canon T4i.

$1600 was way too much to have invested in imaging for me.

So - I regrouped and have a f6.6 and f3.3 focual reducer that I will use with my Nikon D2h and Meade DSI cameras for now.  The hyperstar was awesome, but I wanted another solar scope, so it had to move on...

Hyperstar - Ohh yes!

Many thanks to Dean at Starizona for talking me through some repairs to my CPC1100..  I now have a working hyperstar system imaging at F2!!

Andromeda Galaxy - by C. Purdy 12-13-12
Andromeda Galaxy - by C. Purdy 12-13-12
Pinwheel Galaxy - by C. Purdy 12-13-12

Pinwheel Galaxy - by C. Purdy 12-13-12

The Hyperstar is a replacement secondary for a Schmidt Cassegrain which adds some optical components to flatten the field.  You attach your camera directly to it at the front of the telescope.

These images were from my second test outing last night.  Each consists of 20 sub frames at 10 seconds each (ISO3200).  I then took 20 dark frames at the same setting and 5 flat frames.  Everything was combined in Deep Sky Stacker and processed in StarTools.

..and another blog page.. what??

Not sure how I want to organize the "Blog" aspects of the site.

Currently though:

The Promethean Visions Blog will deal with news and items directly related to the observatory and my activities in that regard.

The Heliofocal Blog will remain focused on Solar Astronomy.  I *do* plan to get back into that in the future... lots of things going on with PVO though at the moment.

The Escher's Happenings Blog will be related to general family items and events.

See side menu for each blog.

- Chris